Corporate Finance

Fund Raising

"There often comes a time in any company's life that it has inadequate funds available to enable it to catapult to the next level of development. Sources of equity or debt funding play a vital role in this extremely important part of a company's lifecycle."

"Being able to locate sources of equity or debt finance can be a difficult task and not knowing the preferences of financiers can result in many aborted approaches or transactions."

Our corporate finance team has extensive contacts in the private equity and debt finance market. We understand the preferences of potential investors and are able to match seekers of finance with the appropriate investors in order to provide a higher chance of transaction success. Combined with other services we are able to package your company in an appropriate manner in order to enhance the matchmaking process.

Capital and Corporate Structures

"Over time as businesses develop, grow and diversify, the capital or corporate structures that are developed along the way are often those most easily done at the time and are then rarely re-examined at a later date." "The robustness and transparency of a capital or corporate structure frequently becomes important when one is attempting to dispose of a company, business or group of companies or businesses. Complex structures can make buyers and regulators wary and can prolong or even scupper the deal."

At ARKAG, our relationships with clients are ones of understanding their long-term objectives. Consequently, critically examining a capital or corporate structure can be a crucial element in streamlining a group in order that it can reach "to the next level". Our knowledge of local, free zone and offshore jurisdiction company laws enables us to provide clear solutions to corporate structuring issues that support and lend strength to client long-term goals.

Valuations of Businesses and Shares

With increased corporate activity in the private sector, the need for a valuation of a private company is increasing at a rapid pace. The art of the valuer is therefore called upon more frequently as the number and value of corporate transactions increases.”

“The role of an independent valuer cannot be over emphasised, whether the valuation is for borrowing, lending, acquisition or disposal.”

Acquiring another company, taking a majority or minority stake in a company providing comfort to lenders on security values and shareholder exit all require that a view on a business or share value must be taken in order to arrive at an informed decision. Our extensive experience, covering a wide range of industries, in valuing businesses and shares, puts us in an ideal position to undertake your business or share valuation. We select the appropriate methodology depending on the circumstances and provide a reasoned and logical approach to arriving at our opinion.

Mergers and Acquisitions

"A merger or an acquisition can be a traumatic and time consuming project for any management team, whether it be identifying or understanding the target, structuring or negotiating the deal, reviewing the documentation or assessing an appropriate price".

"Having an experienced financial adviser as part of your merger or acquisition team can bring previous deal experience to the table, lend an independent frame of mind and take much of the transaction load off the shoulders of senior management, all of whom still need to manage their exiting businesses."

ARKAG have a senior team of professionals experienced in corporate transactions some of whom have been In the UAE for over 25 years and have extensive contacts in the field of acquisitions and mergers and are therefore in a position to source potential targets. When, when combined with related services of due diligence, financial projection preparation, business valuation, corporate structuring and fund raising, this can provide a powerful "full-service" merger and acquisition package.

Disposal Strategy

"Deciding to sell a business or company, often one built up over many years with "blood, sweat and tears" and likely long and sleepless nights, is no simple matter, nor is it a decision taken lightly. It is also a decision that needs to be taken some considerable time in advance of when to actually put the business up for sale."

"Having taken the decision to sell, many issues are likely to have to be examined and acted upon if one are intent on making the company attractive to buyers and, once having attracted a buyer, give him that feeling that all is well."

At ARKAG we have undertaken the formulation of disposal strategies on many occasions and well in advance of the planned disposal date. Strategies have encompassed reorganising the corporate structure into something more transparent, reviewing internal systems and procedures, preparing information memoranda and financial projections, assessing realistic sale values and identifying and assisting in the negotiations with potential buyers.