Payroll Services

“Managing the payroll of a newly established entity can be a challenge, especially if the senior management team is new to the country and is not familiar with the prevalent laws, customs and practices that impact the employees, their morale and indeed their performance. This can seriously affect the fledgling entity and compromise its performance. Even if the necessary resource is available in-house, confidentiality can sometimes be an issue.”

“Outsourcing of the payroll functions addresses these issues without significantly adding to the cost of doing business and at the same time ensures that local knowledge of laws, customs and practices is brought to bear on a very important component of business management.”

We provide professional and timely payroll services maintaining complete confidentiality, accuracy and detailed reporting. The entire payroll cycle from preparation of monthly earnings, deductions, gratuity, pension funds, pay-slips, loading online instructions (on a bank’s website), delivery of pay-slips to the employees/company representative and reporting can be handled seamlessly. We also extend the facility of using our bank account to receive funds from outside the UAE to maintain complete confidentiality of payroll. Reports using MS Excel can be generated for payroll reports which can be integrated/imported into the accounting records of the Company. Other payroll specific services can also be provided including use of the Company’s own software.