Business Process Assessment
   “With increasing competition, more and more companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need to constantly score over their competitors. This real and constant threat becomes easier to manage if the owners and corporate management are proactive and open to periodic qualitative assessment of their business practices. BPPA is therefore an important assessment tool that could be used by management to periodically assess their business practices and risks.”

   “In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment, the owners and the business managers need to recognise and take advantage of opportunities for improvement in their business practices. Enterprises which continue to follow redundant business practices and fail to review and adopt current business practices (often) experience business stagnation and difficulty in enhancing the overall business performance.”

   Our multidisciplinary team is able to identify the key components of each business process within an enterprise and make comparisons with good practices utilized in the industry. Any new practices considered are discussed in depth with the management as simple mapping from one company to another rarely works. Practices are tailored to the individual enterprise to ensure a smooth transition.